For almost 40 years, Margit has been in communication with the hidden world of Love behind the veil, felt lovingly guided and held.

She kept a journal of these conversations and insights and assumed that they were just for her own support and guidance.

Turns out, they are meant for you as well.

Light Between the Lines offers you a way to feel yourself into your own communication to that world. It will help you remember.

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Light Between the Lines is printed by Paradigm Print Media 

Sculpture Garden

For over 30 years Graham and Margit created a rain forest sculpture garden. Their vision was and is that the beauty of nature and the beauty of artwork create a place where peace becomes reality, uplifts the guests and sends them away strengthened and uplifted; and the world is better for it. The garden holds Graham’s life’s work of over 150 marble, onyx and bronze sculptures.

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Celebrant Services

Margit’s niche are the small weddings, the creative ones, for both young and mature couples. Honoring different cultures, including traditional and not so traditional rituals. How about a ring exchange standing in the water with the ocean as your witness? A ceremony created around a sound meditation? A sunrise wedding? Or an elopement in a public park with unsuspecting passersbys as witnesses? The sky is the limit.

Margit also offers naming ceremonies and funerals/memorial services.

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